Samsung Tests 5G 2017 | High Speed Internet

Samsung Tests 5G 2017 | High Speed Internet 

Samsung Tests 5g 2017 | High Speed Internet

SEOUL, Korea – Dec one, 2017 – KDDI and Samsung electronics Co., Ltd. have with success completed the primary 5G demonstration on a moving train traveling at over one hundred km/hour (over sixty mph). This was achieved on an area of track wherever the gap between 2 stations was just about one.5km (nearly one mile). throughout the demonstration, the businesses achieved a successful  downlink and transmission relinquishment also as a peak speed of one.7 Gbps.

The tests were administered from Oct seventeenth through the nineteenth within the town of Saitama in Japan, near Tokyo. For the tests, Samsung’s 5G pre-commercial end-to-end answer was used, that consists of a 5G router (CPE), radio access unit (5G Radio), virtualized RAN and virtualized core.

The demonstration leveraged capabilities driven by 5G, like high outturn, low latency and big connections, that verified potential services and use cases that might be highly-beneficial to passengers and operators of high-speed trains. this might pave the thanks to immensely improved backhaul for aboard LAN, superior rider documentary and accrued security and analytics

In addition to a successful  downlink and transmission relinquishment at quite 100km/hour (over sixty mph), 8K video was downloaded via the CPE put in on-board, and a 4K video recorded on a camera mounted on the train was ready to be uploaded.

“In collaboration with Samsung, KDDI has displayed the chance for brand new 5G vertical business models, like a high-speed train. With 5G expected to bring railway services to a full new dimension, the success of today’s demonstration in everyday locations like a train and terminus is a very important milestone indicating 5G commercialisation is close to,” same Yoshiaki Uchida, Senior Managing officer at KDDI. “To fulfill our aim to launch 5G by 2020, KDDI can continue exploring real-life state of affairs experiments for various 5G use and business cases along side Samsung.”

“The potential that 5G holds is powerful enough to rework the landscape of our daily lives,” same Youngky Kim, President and Head of Networks Business at Samsung natural philosophy. “The success of today’s demonstration could be a results of our joint analysis with KDDI, that we are going to still pursue as we have a tendency to explore next generation networks and use cases. this can embrace analysis on various spectrums and technologies, also as new business models and applications.”

Since 2015, KDDI and Samsung natural philosophy are closely collaborating to demonstrate 5G millimetre wave performance in numerous eventualities. This includes a multi-cell relinquishment demonstration that happened in February, wherever the device was mounted on a automotive traveling the busy streets of Tokyo, and a high-speed quality check with the device hooked up on a racing at 200km/h in Yongin, Korea in Sep.
About KDDI

KDDI, a Fortune world five hundred company and one in every of Asia’s largest telecommunications suppliers, includes a verified world documentation of top quality service delivery. we offer a mess of services, together with portable services, fixed-line communication, and knowledge centers, so creating United States of America the optimum one-stop answer supplier for everything telecommunications and IT surroundings connected.


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